Heavy Mental.


The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.


gratefulness - thankfulness - thanks - appreciation

02/14/2013 - Valentine's Day
  1. Thank gods my coffee was not super hot when I poured it all over myself in the car...haha...who needs perfume when you can smell like "Discovery."
  2. Much appreciation for Jonathan today, he pushed me harder when all I wanted to do was give up.
  3. Huge thanks to Eddie Izzard for continually inspiring me, and for making me laugh out loud and look the fool in the lobby of the Crystal Pool & Fitness Centre.  
  4. My darling husband who puts up with me and all my terrible habits, like leaving my stuff all around the house.  xox
 02/17/2013 - Sunday Funday
  1. Cold medication and pain relievers, a special thanks to you today.  And, I only got told twice that I looked really pale, and was I okay?  Haha...
  2. The amazing Mexican rescue dog, Pinta.  No matter how exciting the beach is, she still manages to blow me away with her obedience.  That dog will come, as soon as she sees the signal, no matter how far away she is and no matter how many interesting things are along the way.  The way she bolts at top speed towards me and then sits dramatically makes me fill with pride.  Ella es una buena perra!
  3. The way Jessica swears and Karen laughs...and the group doggie walk we had at Willows Beach.
  4. Poke it with a stick.
  5. My chauffeur who picked me up with café latte in hand.
  6. The incredible dark cherry flavour that my favourite garnacha produces when savoured from that huge glass.  
  02/21/2013 - Blue Thursday
  1. Incredible dreams that make it difficult to wake up.
  2. Fabulously smudgy yet waterproof eyeliner and mascara which resists heavy sweating and even tears.
  3. John, the senior citizen, whom I met today at the pool and who thanked me for smiling at him.  He also said I had a beautiful heart...I hadn't realised it was showing.
  4. Creepy zombie contact lenses.
  5. Boys' arms.    
02/23/13 - Saturday Night Fever
  1. Surreptitious cats who steal latte foam when you're not looking.
  2. Martial arts and Russell Crowe.
  3. Wearing a shirt I had to cut the tags off of...even though I bought it 11 months ago.
  4. Patience.
  5.  Game of Thrones Season 2 on Blu-Ray.   
  6. Cold medication for my other half.  Sorry for sharing. 
 03/07/13 - Potatoes on Thursday at Half Three
  1. Silk Road bath salts 
08/16/13 - Freaky Friday
  1. Getting back to this gratitude thing
  2. Feeling the yoga with Taryn from last night this morning
  3. Lattes made by Stéphane presented in bed!  Yes!
  4. Creeping fog...can't wait to walk through foggy Victoria to the Crystal Pool
  5. Opportunities missed, that may be opportunities gained in the long run
  6. Looking on the bright side
  7. And especially....appreciating the little things in life. Just now getting out of the shower, I searched around for MY towel and realised that I had left it in the living room (of course). Since living in Ireland, I have used my own over-sized bath "sheets"...not normal bath towels. Today, I took a chance and toweled off with a bath towel, and then I wrapped it around my body...and it fit. A lot of people out there won't be able to identify with this, but just being able to use the same towels as other people? Well, that's pretty amazing for me.

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