Thursday, March 07, 2013

Let's get physical, physical...I wanna get physical...

Yes, I am Madonna.

If the thought of bouncing around in an aerobics class conjures up 80s images of Olivia Newton-John singing PHYSICAL, spandex leggings, braided sweatbands, high ponytails, and blue eyeliner, then we're on the same wavelength.

More realistically for me, it should be reminiscent of the step classes I used to attend in bike shorts and wife beaters, the music was more C+C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat and House of Pain - Jump Around with a little U2 - One for cool down or slow dancing...haha.  My hair was to my waist and parted in the middle, but I'd stick it in a bun and remove my plaid flannel shirt and leave my teenage angst at the door before class started.

So a couple days ago when I tried an aerobics class I kinda knew what to expect.  The music is contemporary, the clothes have gone from spandex leggings with a g-string leotard holding them up to yoga pants and a quick dry tank, and I have gone from looking like I know what I'm doing to making things up as I go along.  The thing is, it's fun and it burns calories.  The ninja says it is what you make it.

Yesterday's class was awesome!  When I wasn't lost and making up my own dance moves (much to the chagrin of the women around me), I was box-stepping, knees-upping, and kick-backing in sync with the rest of the group.  It must have been my jock-inspired workout gear I was wearing...a cut-up Bon Temps football shirt and some new fancy fabric yoga pants.  I even copped on to the "repeaters" and the four to two count stuff.  The gods of bouncing around were smiling on me.

Workouts can get monotonous if you let them, that's why you gotta shake it up a little.

*Jiggle Jiggle*      

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