Monday, January 21, 2013

Why monkeys make you thinner...

Here’s the thing about exercising…I will do pretty much anything to get out of it.  So why would I subject myself to personal trainer torture?  

In the past couple years there have only been a few instances where I have gone above and beyond in the exercise department…each took place in Japan.   

My beautiful monkey reward.
My friends, this is the reason the Japanese are teeny-tiny and live a very, very long time…before you can appreciate the unbelievable architecture, reach spiritual enlightenment, or feed the monkeys…you have to climb 80,000 steps, visit 88 temples as an arukihenro, or climb a mountain…and before that they force you to eat raw fish and $80 square watermelons. 

No, they don’t…but there are miniscule octogenarians climbing hundreds of stairs to get to shines, walking pilgrimages in Shikoku, and scaling Iwatayama to admire the primates…and they’re doing it in kimono and geta.  So, this 250 pound gaijin sucked it up and did it too.

Hopefully, Jonathan has some Shinto shrines and a macaque or two to dangle in front of me to keep me going.

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