Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday #1

This is how I used to feel.
Happy Hump Day!   

Well, it's the very middle of the week and my weigh-in day.  I have found this day in particular to be THE best day for weighing in...and believe you me, I have had lots of experience with the picking of the days.  

My first serious attempt at losing weight had me weighing in on Saturdays at 9:30 AM in a nondescript building on Ste-Catherine's Street in downtown Montréal.  When I showed up, it was fine...but at least half the time I would wake up in Westmount at well past that time with quite a hankering for a greasy breakfast at Cosmos....mmmm...Nick's potatoes.  Wednesdays just seem right as they are just far enough away from any alcohol fuelled momentary lapses in judgement suffered on Friday or Saturday nights (possibly resulting in the eating of an entire bag of Doritos and/or chow mein with extra peanut sauce and spring rolls from that Thai restaurant on St-Laurent that used to be so dirty, but soooooo good)...where was I?  Oh ya, you can make up for those on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  So Wednesday it is.       

Noodle fetish.
This time round...

Starting weight: 292.1 pounds
This week's weight:  286.8 pounds

*Burst of confetti*

Yay!  I'm a loser.  5.3 pounds down in just one week.  That's 7 days of eating right and 2 workouts.  Not too shabby!

Here comes the dreaded second week...and that starts with me working my butt off at the Crystal for an hour of cardio.  Then having dinner later with some university friends at Futaba.  Luckily, I got to choose the restaurant...remember what I said about the Japanese being tiny?  Well, it may have something to do with their portion sizes as well.  If we go Japanese for dinner, I'll most likely be able to control the food department anyway, there's no telling what will happen at the restaurant..haha..we were some pretty crazy kids back in our uni days!  

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