Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goal wait.

And so it begins...

With the introductions done and the fitness test complete...all I have to do now is wait.  Haven't connected with my dietitian or my trainer yet, but I may as well get things started on my own.  Without any inaugural pomp and circumstance, I step on the scale (nekkid as a jaybird).

Actual weight:  292.1 pounds
Goal weight:  109-137 pounds

Okay, maybe I shouldn't have eaten only Doritos for the last 15 years.  Challenge accepted.


  1. Lesley Bee1/26/2013

    Nooooo,there won't be enough 'gorgeousness of you' at 109 pounds!
    And your lipstick tat will shrink down to look like an eyeliner pencil.
    And you'll look like Al Roker did after his surgery.
    And you'll catch colds all the time!
    No Skeletor-Suzie's allowed.... :)

    1. You're very kind...but that's my healthy goal weight according to my height. Realistically, I would like to be 150 pounds.