Monday, January 28, 2013

This is the kind of math I like...

If it took Suzie 43 minutes to walk home from the gym last Tuesday after an hour of cardio and a whole bunch of strength training and it took her 40 minutes to walk home from the gym last Thursday after an hour of cardio; how long did it take her to walk home from the gym today?  

33 minutes!  Woot!  And I danced on the sidewalk at red lights like a big eejit...and a total stranger said, "Good for you!" while I was crossing the Blue Bridge.  Ladies and gents, if you see me en route...don't just stare, whistle too!  Haha...

What is the moral of this story problem?  I like subtraction...the rest of math can suck it.

Oh, and here's a selection of what got me moving faster today:

Wanda Jackson - Fujiyama Mama
Der Dritte Raum - Swing Bob
 Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Little Demon
Stereogram - Walkie Talkie Man
 Hedley - Cha-Ching
 Screaching Weasel - I Love You
Shane MacGowan - Ceilidh Cowboy
The Trojans - Arna-fari (Scotland the Brave)
 The Clash - London Calling
Jill Sobule - Supermodel
Cary Ann Hearst - Hell's Bells
Joan Jett - Bad Reputation 
 The Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch
Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand
Mickey Avalon - Jane Fonda
Gwen Stefani - Wind it Up
Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Generation X - Dancing With Myself
The Vapors - I'm Turning Japanese
 Sweet - Ballroom Blitz
Killers - Human
Jack White - Love is Blindness
Massive Attack - Paradise Circus


  1. I'm currently sitting on the couch, but I'm sewing (for pay! not just fun!) and your music is motivating even for this! Maybe it will motivate me right out the door tomorrow so I, too, can get me some of this cardio you speak of.

    1. I am so motivational, sometimes I EVEN get myself off the couch..haha!

      Keep sewing, Geni! Maybe I'll get you to make me a corset at the end of these 3 months! Though that may keep you on said couch.


  2. Anonymous2/01/2013

    I train with Jonathon (your trainer) and he is a great motivator. I like your choice of workout music. I wanna be a NINJA when I grow up.

    1. Yay, another one of Jonathan's minions!

      I will keep posting the music selections I make...haha..they are evolving. I'm also finding it terribly difficult not to burst into song on various cardio machines. Luckily, my kunoichi sensibilities have kept things under control.