Tuesday, January 08, 2013

PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME!!!!! My Times Colonist Health Challenge application blurb

Hi, my name is Suzie Spitfyre...I'm 37 years old, 5'2", and to my shock and horror, 292 pounds.

How I like to be seen...from the neck up.
That, my friends, is something that a little make-up can't cover up!  

This is not something that happened over night, in fact I have spent many years accumulating this weight through a variety of unhealthy practices.  First of all, I love food, may even be a little addicted to it...so I eat it frequently...and often with emotional reckless abandon.  

And, I live a sedentary life, meaning that when I’m not on counter running around as manager of MAC Cosmetics @ The Bay Victoria, I sit.  Seriously, I would describe my exercise regime as: walking to and from things, for example the fridge, the dining room table, the computer, the couch, and if I'm at work, to and from customers, the cash etc.  Clearly I'm not even well practiced in my exercise of choice either, I sprained my ankle just under 2 and a half months ago by...wait for it...walking.

Looking professional with Kirsten on her wedding day.
I’ve got pounds to lose...and nothing to lose.  I’m a bit on the dramatic side too, so I may as well tell you, dear Times Colonist, that I would like your help in ending my life as I know it.

Relax, I'm talking about changing my habits, making better choices etc.  Diet, exercise, sleep...all the important things that I have forgotten to think about for the last 15 years. 

I am currently on a leave of absence from work in order to deal with my weight, stress eating, depression and a bunch of other lovely health issues that come with...and this is the perfect opportunity for me to take charge of my health with your help.  And with your readership, obviously, there will be accountability!

Help me!


P.S.  Please find attached my application for the TC Health Challenge and a few pictures of myself...the first is one that I like taken in New Orleans (self portrait from neck up..haha), the other two were taken of me at my friends' wedding, and they horrified me so much that I made a decision in 2013 to change my life.

Fingers crossed you pick me!

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