Friday, January 25, 2013

Carded at the Crystal

My ninja has instructed me via text message to cardio it up each day this week and to stick a strength training session in before our meeting on Sunday.  Saturday is my one day off.

So what sensei says, Suzie does.  

Suzie + Stéffi on Teen Night.  18 And Life to Go!
Stéphane and I headed to the Crystal to do some cardio together tonight.  First, we had to get Stéffi a membership.  Even though Skyler wasn't manning the front desk, my Frenchie was allowed to make a goofy face for the webcam and so now we both have ridiculous membership cards.  We sweated our arses off amongst the tween hipsters, hard-core boxers, just-got-off-workers, and pool crowd.  And then something bizarre happened - we got kicked out of the Crystal Pool & Fitness Centre.


How is this possible?  I didn't throw part of an order of curry chips out the 3rd storey window...I didn't bite the security guard...and Stéphane didn't start a ruckus altercation over bratwurst and why did we get kicked out?  Well, apparently, we were over-aged.  Wait, we can't pass for 19?  This reeks of ageism!  However, I fully support the Crystal for offering teens a fun exercisy place to hang out on a Friday night.  And it was quite the show...I had no idea you could kill it on a treadmill in jeans slung so low that you have to adjust your gate to keep them up, to say nothing of exercising in a puffa jacket and tuque.   

Cardio DONE.  No strength training tonight.  Sad face.


  1. Anonymous2/01/2013

    You could absolutely pass for a 19 year-old!

    1. Thank you, Del!

      I know, right? The nerve!