Sunday, August 04, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday #28

This week the stars aligned when I stepped on the scale on Wednesday...thank you, Oya goddess of transformation, and Lord Ganesha, remover of obstacles, I am down 5.7 pounds this week.  Always amazing to lose a good chunk of weight, but this one in particular made me jump up and down.  I have lost a total of 101 pounds...okay, technically 100.8 pounds, but 101 sounds much better.  That little daruma whose eye I filled in in 2008 may get the other one filled in with a Sharpie sometime in's been a long 5 years since I asked for his help with my weight loss journey...and this achievement makes me feel like I can go all the way to my final goal of 150 pounds down!  What's a measly 50 pounds, eh?  

Starting weight:  292.1
Ninja Jonathan and moi.

1st weigh-in:  286.8
2nd weigh-in:  280.1
3rd weigh-in:  276.4
4th weigh-in:  274.1
5th weigh-in:  270.6
6th weigh-in:  266.2
7th weigh-in:  262
8th weigh-in:  261.4
9th weigh-in:  257.7
10th weigh-in 251.4
11th weigh-in 247.3
12th weigh-in 243.6
13th weigh-in 241.7
14th weigh-in 235.4
15th weigh-in 235.4
16th weigh-in 227.7
17th weigh-in 223.5
18th weigh-in 223.5
19th weigh-in 221.6
20th weigh-in 221.6
21st weigh-in 215.6
22nd weigh-in 213.2
23rd weigh-in 207.9
24th weigh-in 206.6
25th weigh-in 200.1
26th weigh-in 199.7
27th weigh-in 197
28th weigh-in 191.3

And that, my friends, is all she wrote!  For now anyway.  


  1. Anonymous8/05/2013

    Congratulations Suzie!! You truly are an inspiration!! Best of luck with the next 50!!!

  2. Congratulations Kiddo!! You are doing so great,I'm jealous but I have no right to be because I have just coasting and not working at it for the last few months. I have to get my butt in gear and get on with it You inspire me, keep up the good work.