Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday #16 & #17 - Time to catch up!

Seeing as how I just weighed-in this morning for WIW #19, I think it's about time to blog about my previous forays onto the scale.

Weigh in Wednesday #16 - May 8th, 2013   

Starting weight:  292.1
1st weigh-in:  286.8
2nd weigh-in:  280.1
3rd weigh-in:  276.4
4th weigh-in:  274.1
5th weigh-in:  270.6
6th weigh-in:  266.2
7th weigh-in:  262
8th weigh-in:  261.4
9th weigh-in:  257.7
10th weigh-in 251.4
11th weigh-in 247.3
12th weigh-in 243.6
13th weigh-in 241.7
14th weigh-in 235.4
15th weigh-in 235.4
16th weigh-in 227.7

Happy early birthday to me!  Down a colossal 7.7 pounds this week!  What happened?  After looking through my food journals, apparently I drank mostly wine and ate mostly salads.  Interesting.  And, I treadmilled, ellipticalled, walked, spun and ninja sessioned (strength training & kick boxing) my way through workouts, with some yoga thrown in for good measure.  So, my conclusion body does what it wants sometimes...even if I make bad choices (like drinking a lot of wine).

Weigh-In Wednesday #17 - May 15th, 2013

16th weigh-in 227.7
17th weigh-in 223.5

Wow...down another 4.2 pounds...and I had a birthday party in there somewhere!  How is this even possible?  I lost 7.7 the week before...that's 12 pounds in the last two weeks...what is this, Biggest Loser?  So that brings my total up to 68.6 pounds lost in 4 months, that's not bad.  Actually, that's REALLY good (trying to keep things positive here because I know what's coming up).  I was pretty consistent with food until the Friday before my birthday, when I indulged in grapes for dinner...and the next day was my birthday, so I did it again.  Then on Sunday, for Mothers' Day, we hit a fancy fishy restaurant and I had lovely, gorgeous, sexy oysters and a piece of salmon with risotto.  I pretty much spent all my calories in that meal.  Though, I did not drink at dinner...or eat for the next couple of days.  Nasty habit of indulging on weekends and then strict veggies and fruit diet on Monday and Tuesday forming.  Must watch that.  As for exercise, equal parts treadmill and bike, with some walking and aerobics thrown in, and of course ninjaness with Jonathan...and Anahata Moon Yoga on Tuesdays with Taryn

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