Friday, December 20, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday #48 - Odin's bad eye

Yesterday, I said that I was going into weigh-in blind, and so I did.  It is said that Odin, father of the Norse gods, sacrificed one of his eyes to drink of the Well of Urd whose waters imparted the knowledge of the cosmos.  Well, I could use more knowledge (couldn't everyone?) and I do drink a lot of water, but am I willing to go blind for it?  Not really.  So, what does this have to do with Weigh-in Wednesday?  Well, the day after Týr's Day is Wēdnes Dæg...and Wednesday is named after Wōdin (Anglo Saxon for Odin) and in order to check my weight on the scale, I had to open my eyes to gain the knowledge of my new number.  You with me so far?  Good, I'm glad you're coming with me on this.  Haha...luckily, Mímir (guardian of the well) didn't ask for anything in return, though I did sacrifice 0.7lbs of fat.
Starting weight:  292.1
1st weigh-in:  286.8
2nd weigh-in:  280.1
3rd weigh-in:  276.4
4th weigh-in:  274.1
5th weigh-in:  270.6
6th weigh-in:  266.2
7th weigh-in:  262
8th weigh-in:  261.4
9th weigh-in:  257.7
10th weigh-in 251.4
11th weigh-in 247.3
12th weigh-in 243.6
13th weigh-in 241.7
14th weigh-in 235.4
15th weigh-in 235.4
16th weigh-in 227.7
17th weigh-in 223.5
18th weigh-in 223.5
19th weigh-in 221.6
20th weigh-in 221.6
21st weigh-in 215.6
22nd weigh-in 213.2
23rd weigh-in 207.9
24th weigh-in 206.6
25th weigh-in 200.1
26th weigh-in 199.7
27th weigh-in 197
28th weigh-in 191.3
29th weigh-in 189.9
30th weigh-in 180.7
31st weigh-in 183.4
32nd weigh-in 186.4
33rd weigh-in 186.3
34th weigh-in 174.8
35th weigh-in 174.8
36th weigh-in 170.1
37th weigh-in 169
38th weigh-in 170.2
39th weigh-in 174.7
40th weigh-in 166.4 
41st weigh-in 162.8
42nd weigh-in 159.9
43rd weigh-in 166
44th weigh-in 161.7
45th weigh-in 158.5
46th weigh-in 156.5
47th weigh-in 154.1
48th weigh-in 153.4

I worked out like a viking and ate like a valkyrie and lost 0.7 pounds this week.  Progress is progress whether it's 0.7 of a pound or 7 pounds, right?  And speaking of progress, I meant to post this on Thor's Day and not 7 weeks later like the last WIW update.  Alas, I couldn't get my Asgård in gear and am posting this on Friday.  Ah, Frigg!  

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  1. What a great decision you made, getting active and healthy! I'm really proud to see you keeping it up and not giving up...working out is hard to start but once you truly being it becomes a part of you and its so clear that this is so you, if I ever see you around town I want to give you a high five, love your positivity, keep doing your thing suzie :)