Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lost in translation...

2013 Viva Glam Suzie
Where have I been?  Certainly not blogging...that's for sure.  It's been 12 days since my last post.  


Well, I've been scratching out ideas for blog posts on sticky tabs, plugging notes in the memo section of my smart phone, and jotting stuff down on random opened envelopes around the loft.  I've been talking about things I want to share on OMG with my fellow ninjas-in-training, getting pumped up by the new Times Colonist Health Challenge peeps, and yet nothing got posted on the interweb.

2014 Viva Glam Suzie
What has prevented me from writing?  I have been working out to the point of exhaustion and nausea - but what else is new?  I have been eating healthily - again, same ol', same ol'.  A-ha!  I have not been drinking alcohol!  That could be it...right?  No, wait.  My evenings have been freed up a bit, so I should have had more time to blog.

Who cares?  Why do I always try and find a reason or an excuse?  There is no excuse...I just haven't been at it.  It's as if my thoughts have been lost in translation...or something like that.  There, floating around my brain, but not expressed in type.

Time for some type-casting!  

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