Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday #5

The application form for the Times Colonist Health Challenge asked WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS?  And I answered:  Get healthy, kick ass, and inspire others to do the same.

Well this week, I had to re-read that statement.

Just two days after last week's weigh-in I was struck down with one Hell of a cold/flu and simultaneously my uterus tried to cripple me with mind-blowing, curl-up into a fetal position cramps.  So, I switched my day off from Saturday to Friday hoping rest and drugs would take care of everything.  Tried to get to the gym Friday evening with Stéphane, but sometimes you just need to give in to illness and stay in bed.  

Get healthy.

Instead of assuming ball-position under the covers on Saturday, I opted to work out.  What?  Yes, you read that correctly.  I never thought I'd feel so guilty trading training for sleeping...especially while being sick.  Just wanted to get in and get out of the gym, but I actually enjoyed a two-hour cardio and weights session, and it made my cramps all but disappear.  My, how things have changed.

Kick ass.
Still feeling sketchy on Sunday, but I endured FITcamp with Jonathan and dog walking with Karen and Jessica.  My new favourite Sunday adventure is walking the crazy Mexican on Willows Beach after my workout...good for my brain, great for the pup.  And also magic on the lungs...the salty ocean air unstuffed my nose!  Yay!

Though I only missed one workout this week, I was worried that phlegm and water-retention would kill my weigh-in.  Normally, I weigh-in again on Saturday as it's the last day of the week according to the Health Challenge...but I didn't out of fear that I would be up.  And I was when I weighed-in on Tuesday morning before I met up with Jonathan...grrr...up 0.4 :-(  But technically, Wednesday is my weigh-in day!  Taking a page out of Biggest Loser, Jonathan put me through the toughest workout ever in a last chance effort to assure a loss on Wednesday.  

Starting weight:  292.1
1st weigh-in:  286.8
2nd weigh-in:  280.1
3rd weigh-in:  276.4
4th weigh-in:  274.1 
5th weigh-in:  270.6
Kyoto - Land of stairs - Suzie & Her Croatian Conscience
Inspire others to do the same.
And the results are in...down 3.5 pounds!  Making my total 21.5 pounds lost so far.  Apparently, running up and down a set of stairs 30 times and flinging a kettle bell around x 150 combined with planks and burpees and elliptical and stretchy bandy thingies and other things I can't even remember.  Well, apparently all that works.  The key is:  sweat like you have never sweated before.  Find a staircase and climb it...and then do it again and again and again.  Haha...

Ninja is good, ninja is wise.


  1. Anonymous2/23/2013

    Sounds horrible! I have been out with a cold and off of my exercise for 3 days.... so you have certainly kicked my ass.
    Go Suzie.


    1. It wasn't pleasant...haha...if I lived a normal life, I would have taken a couple days off for sure.

      I didn't kick your ass Tris, the cold did :-P

  2. Anonymous2/27/2013

    Love you! And that crazy dog...xokaren

    1. Love you and your Sally dog too :-) Let's do it again soon xox