Thursday, July 11, 2013

Antagonising my Croatian Conscience...and possibly embarrassing myself in the process.

Daniel-san, my Croatian conscience, still teases me about my weight...even though I'm now catching up to him.  So, I thought I'd add some fuel to the fire and send him a scantily clad picture of myself.  Now, the thing is, when you've been 292 pounds...206.6 seems positively waifish. 

(This isn't the original photograph obviously...I pixelated it, because I'm shy..okay?  More like...I'm not ready for exhibitionism just yet...haha)
Daniel-san:  Is that really you?  Photoshop?

Suzie:  No filter.  No touch ups.  Just took it with my phone camera...obviously.

Daniel-san:  Filter? Or just fitter?

Suzie:  Bahahaha...just me fitter.  Yes.

Daniel-san:  WOW.  You just with a nice body that children won't throw stones at on the beach.

Suzie:  Yes.  Exactly. 

Disclaimer - One of my biggest pet peeves is self portraits taken by sexy freaks & gym addicts where they strike contrapposto in front of their bathroom mirrors and click their iPhone's single button to capture what can only be described as spectacular abs, tiny waists, and perfect pecs, arms, shoulders etc.  So, why, oh why, would I take just such a picture?  Not sure.  I guess if you work really hard for something, you want to show it off...or in my case, you want to shock a mean Croatian.  After all, this is the man that saw me in all my glory after slipping on the wet floor of his tiny micro-flat bathroom in Japan and to steady myself, I grabbed the door handle thus opening the door and landing me smack-dab in the middle of the kitchen on my ass...nekkid.  Konichiwa!


  1. Anonymous7/11/2013

    You look absolutely fabulous suz!!!! love me Tina :)it is Anonymous cause I can't pick any of the other choices! lol

    1. Thanks, Tina! I'm trying, I'm trying!

      You should talk to Garry about that anonymous crap! Bahaha..