Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday #26 & #27

2 and a 1/2 weeks ago (Wednesday, July 10th), I dropped a colossal 6.5 pounds to 200.1  Then last week when I stepped on the scale I only lost 0.7 pounds on Weigh-in Wednesday #26, but that was to be expected after such a big loss the week before.  And yet, why am I pleased as punch?  Well, I dropped enough weight to put me under 200 pounds...a-thank you!  

So this Weigh-in Wednesday, I wasn't sure what to expect.  Lately my pattern has been 2 weeks of meh...then 1 week of YAY!  Which means I'm going to have to buckle down if I want to reach my goal of 100 pounds down.  Wednesday's scale read 197 pounds...that's a loss of 2.7 pounds, and I'm cool with that...I don't know when the last time the scale has been so low, actually.  I haven't seen a 1 at the front of my weight since probably 1999 just before I moved back to Montréal.    

Starting weight:  292.1
1st weigh-in:  286.8
2nd weigh-in:  280.1
3rd weigh-in:  276.4
4th weigh-in:  274.1
5th weigh-in:  270.6
6th weigh-in:  266.2
7th weigh-in:  262
8th weigh-in:  261.4
9th weigh-in:  257.7
10th weigh-in 251.4
11th weigh-in 247.3
12th weigh-in 243.6
13th weigh-in 241.7
14th weigh-in 235.4
15th weigh-in 235.4
16th weigh-in 227.7
17th weigh-in 223.5
18th weigh-in 223.5
19th weigh-in 221.6
20th weigh-in 221.6
21st weigh-in 215.6
22nd weigh-in 213.2
23rd weigh-in 207.9
24th weigh-in 206.6
25th weigh-in 200.1
26th weigh-in 199.7
27th weigh-in 197 

So what's the plan for this week?  So far, it's been an insane amount of cardio, strength training, and really clean eating.  I'm even skipping potatoes and rice this week.  Just a little.  Wish me luck for Wednesday, if I drop 5 pounds this week...I'll reach 100 pounds down!  The anticipation is killing me!


  1. Anonymous7/30/2013

    Yay and well done you!
    You look AWESOME :)

  2. Anonymous8/22/2013

    Susan might go with you sometime. Are you still swimming?

    1. I haven't mustered the courage to enter a public swimming pool yet...but it's a-coming! *Cringe*