Thursday, April 25, 2013

Advice and more from my Croatian conscience...

Upon hearing that I needed to lose one more pound to reach my initial goal of 50 pounds lost:
"Just go make big shet.  You loose van pound like det."
And, this is what he said when I reached that goal...and didn't answer any of his text messages (what?  I was busy!):
 "Bublićka, are you alive?  Did dey eat you finally?  Suzana vas so fet det kanabells use to write her luv letters daily, now only vunce a veek."
 Sometimes, if only very rarely, the Croatian is lovely...and says stuff like this:
"I had a vision of you dancing with me at the concert last night.  Your hair was blonde and you were at your goal weight."

Bring it on, Daniel-san.  Bring it on.

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