Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's time to quit drinking water and put on the garbage bags...as I can't fit into my Catwoman costume anymore.

No, not really, I just need to workout really hard a couple times in the hottest place ever...oh good, my membership is at the Crystal Pool & Fitness Centre.  Actually, I think that's part of my success...I must remember to write Josh a thank you note.

Having only lost 3.7 pounds this week putting me at exactly 48.5 pounds lost in total, I knew I was going to have to sweat...so the ninja worked me out in the AM, and then I skipped the Crystal Fools on Wednesday night so that I could sweat it out on the elliptical.  I clicked the machine up to the highest incline and highest tension that I have ever gone and then gave 'er for an hour...and I forgot my water bottle in the car, so I only drank limited amounts from the fountain.  Am I the only one who finds that difficult to do?  Haha...I seem to take in more air than water.

Went home after and had a salad with no salt in the dressing and went straight to bed, nothing like an official weigh-in to make you work out like a crazy woman, eat some grass, and go to sleep early so that the next day comes faster.     

Morning of the PISE weigh-in and I'm resorting to clever tactics like dehydrating myself by working out and not drinking water and eating veggies with no salt...brilliant.  I promise, I don't do this every weigh-in, just this one.

And on this occasion...I actually weighed my clothes. 

It would be easy to just say that my weigh-in didn't go according to plan because of my 3 pounds of underwear, but that would be a cop-out, because much to my surprise, my clothes weren't that heavy.  Yvette, one of last year's participants in the Times Colonist Health Challenge, suggested that I get Holly from PISE to move the scale into the bathroom if things don't go according to plan...and then I could undress and weigh-in nekkid in the stall while she read the numbers poking out from underneath the door.  Yvette has done this...which makes me smile, and think, ah, she too knows the secrets.  Or, I could just not eat breakfast until after weigh-in.

Off to the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence starving all the way...and only 30 minutes to wait until my appointment.  Curses for being so early!  I can't wait to see my results...I know that I have lost a significant amount of weight, and I'm positive that my measurements will be much improved as well.  So I have a certain spring in my step when Holly comes to fetch me...yes, I am very thin and powerful in my new body...and what the hell are these real athletes doing here being weighed-in and having their measurements taken as well?  And can they take their shirts off?  OMG...they did!  What else can I think into actuality?  I want millions of dollars!  Okay, maybe I'm not thin and powerful...maybe I'm still curvy and a character...but what are you going to do?  After a quick change into a very thin, very light tank top, I stepped onto the scale and weighed in at exactly 52.4 pounds less than when I started this challenge.

In the last few years, I have become quite the "high-fiver."  I'm not sure Holly was ready for it when I gave her a rather enthusiastic slap on the hand...I nearly hugged her, but as I'm more of a kisser than a hugger, safer to leave it at high five.  Best not to freak out the person pinching you with calipers.  I went through the rest of the testing, and learned that I had lost 39.9 centimetres!

Pleased as punch, that's me.


  1. Fantastic job Suzie!!!..you should be pleased as punch, you worked your ass off..literally!
    I have loved following your journey! I'm a hugger, so sending you a big congrats girl hug!!! Well done!

    1. Kisses and High-Fives back, Barb!

      What an amazing journey this was and continues to be...only 40 pounds more and I'm under 200 pounds. Can't stop now!

    2. Kisses and High-Fives back, Barb!

      What an amazing journey this was and continues to be...only 40 pounds more and I'm under 200 pounds. Can't stop now!